About Us

Offering Quality Products and Outstanding Service is Our Goal and a Commitment to Who We Are...

Who We Are
Nafarci Offers Quality Products and Outstanding Services and Solutions --- This is Our Goal and a Commitment to Who We Are, Where We Are Going and How We Will Get There.
Our Vision
Our vision is to improve the quality of our customers' lives with "Quality and Value". We put the customer at the center of everything we do, every day, which guides our actions and decisions.
Nafarci was built upon the awareness of treating others the way we’d like to be treated. We honor this awareness by offering a broad collection of products from a leading portfolio of exclusive and national brands to our esteemed customers. Nafarci is fueled by associates around the globe. We believe that the value of loyalty, passion, courage and service define who we are and how we serve our customers
Our operations are supported by a variety of U.S. and internationally based support facilities
With our sourcing and quality assurance experience, we deliver industry-leading products that customers love, Quality and value they expect. We recognize that sustaining strong relationships with supplies is essential, and we’re committed to responsible corporate citizenship by advancing social, environmental and ethical standards across our operations.

Nafarci offers what today's customer seek; the convenience of one-stop Services and Solutions. From Logistics and Technologies to Potable Power and Electronics to --- We provide the deep assortments that our customers appreciate.

Nafarci is on a mission to meet the digital needs of a 21st-century Customer investing in the technology and resources to support the many ways customers prefer. We’re making the experience easy and seamless across all channels while offering convenience.