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Logistics Services & Solutions

Secure, Reliable & Express Logistic Solutions That Saves You Time!

Nafaci Technologies

Multimedia & IT Solutions

Empowering our clients to gain competitive advantages

Nafarci power

Portable Power & small electronics

Top selling Portable Power and Consumer Electronics

Nafarci Home

Home furnishings & décor

Best collection of Furniture, Decor, Rugs, Art, and Lighting to reflect your style and inspire your home

About Nafarci Brand of Companies

Nafarci Offers Quality Products and Outstanding Services and Solutions --- This is Our Goal and a Commitment to Who We Are, Where We Are Going and How We Will Get There.

Our vision is to improve the quality of our customers' lives with "Quality and Value". We put our customers at the center of everything we do, every day, which guides our actions and decisions.

We believe the potential of our Company has no limits and is driven by our partners and their resourcefulness. We are committed to an environment that attracts, motivates and recognizes high performance.
We are here to please our customers - without them, nothing else matters.
We take great pride in everything we do. From our people to our products, and in our relationships with business partners and our community, Quality and Value is our signature.
We do business with the highest level of integrity. Every day, in everything we do.

Through “Quality and Value” we’ll connect and engage with our customers, while also shifting perceptions by inviting them to discover the incredible Quality and Value we have to offer.

Ethical Standards

We recognize that sustaining strong relationships with suppliers is essential, and we’re committed to responsible corporate citizenship by advancing social, environmental and ethical standards across our operations. Information related to these standards can be accessed in the following documents:

Offering Quality Products and Outstanding Service is Our Goal and a Commitment to Who We Are...